Think and Grow Rich Kindle Edition Reviews By by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich Kindle Edition Reviews

Think and Grow Rich Kindle Edition Reviews

‘Think and Grow Rich Kindle Edition Reviews’

by Napoleon Hill (Author), GP Editors (Editor)

Think and Grow Rich Kindle Edition Reviews

‘Think and Grow Rich’ is the world’s most widely acclaimed motivational book on success ever published. It became the must-have bible of prosperity and success for millions of readers since its initial publication in 1937.

Napoleon Hill, America’s most beloved motivational author, devoted 25 years to finding out how the wealthy became that way. After interviewing over 500 of the most affluent men and women of his time, he uncovered the secret to great wealth.


Think and Grow Rich Kindle Edition :

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About Think and Grow Rich Kindle Edition Reviews

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Think and Grow Rich is the best motivational literature that I ve come across. I was involved in a certain marketing stint during my engineering, and this book was suggested to me by a friend, who is today one of the finest motivational speakers. The book presents the essential commodities for success, in the simplest terms possible. The book is build with research conducted by Napoleon Hill for over 25 years, interviewing successful people like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell to name a few. –Santosh J K on 03 Mar 2013.

The story goes like that, i was once wondering in the street mhatama gandhi road or like that which connects ahmedabad railway station to Bhdra kali temple in 1982. In between the road there was one bridge below which one second hand book seller was sitting with a pile of old books with rate as rs two each book.

Think and Grow Rich Kindle Edition

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Think and Grow Rich Kindle Edition Reviews

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Think and Grow Rich: Change your thinking and fulfill your DREAMS!!

By sriram bk on 14 October 2014

I got this book couple of months ago and finished reading it in a week. Don’t assume that this book contains short cuts to earn more money. Author mainly talks about our thinking habits and how to change them which eventually makes you a better person and increases your self confidence and ability to achieve your goals. Unless a person put efforts he/she can’t change or improve. Without an improvement one will always stay in the comfort zone and never look for a betterment. Author concentrates on all these aspects. A very well step by step approach for a better life!! Everyone should read this!!

Total Game Changer

By Ashish Prasad on 14 November 2014

I’ve already reviewed this book – Think And Grow Rich (‘revised and updated edition’ by Arthur R Pell) Published 7 October 2004 by RHUK. But I ordered a second copy of the same title mainly after coming across a review of the revised edition on Amazon.com where one of the reviewer warned buyers to not go with newer/revised edition because it was abridged and missed a lot of information when compared with the original unabridged edition. Well I had got myself the revised/updated R Pell’s edition at that time, thinking revised new print will have more content added into it. But as it turned out otherwise, I really did not want to miss a single word from Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic, so I thought of going through and here’s my review for the Original Unabridged 1937 Edition – Think And Grow Rich.

Think and Grow Rich Kindle Edition Reviews
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