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Sony HD-SL1 Ultra-Slim Lightweight 1TB External HDD Reviews

‘Sony HD-SL1 Ultra-Slim Lightweight 1TB External HDD Reviews’

Sony HD-SL1 Ultra-Slim Lightweight 1TB External Hard Drive with Backup Manager (Black)

Speed up transfer times by installing the free Data Transfer Accelerator* software on your PC. Transfer rates are twice as fast when used with USB 2.0 and three times as fast with USB 3.0.

You can save data to your PC at up to 5 GB per second with USB 3.0 — over ten times faster than USB 2.0. *Data Transfer Accelerator doesn’t support Windows 10.


Sony HD-SL1 Ultra-Slim Lightweight 1TB External HDD :

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About Sony HD-SL1 Ultra-Slim Lightweight 1TB External HDD Reviews

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Backup Manager 2 software periodically, and automatically, backs up data from your PC to the hard drive. It utilises an incremental back-up system, so will only back up files that have changed in the folders users designate for monitoring. Also, even if the external hard drive is not connected, Backup Manager 2 can temporarily back up your PC’s data to a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox. *Please note that this software is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

Connect to older PCs, PlayStaion®3 and Handycam® models. The hard drive’s FAT32 formatter opens up storage options for those products that do not support the NTFS files system. Plus, with smart software there’s no complicated setup: just plug in and start using your drive straight away. *Please note that this process removes all existing data from the hard drive—including software—so making a backup is advised.

Sony HD-SL1 Ultra-Slim Lightweight 1TB External HDD

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Sony HD-SL1 Ultra-Slim Lightweight 1TB External HDD Reviews

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Slim, Light Weight and Strong Metal casing.

By Govindu on 24 October 2015

Excellent Product. its design is slim less weight and casing is tuf and strong. so I feel its safe even it falls accidentally. and its manufactured on September 2015 brand new. speed is good as quoted but varies with your computer processor performance also. usb cable given in of good quality. can be used ruf n tuf without hesitation. supports windows 8.1, windows 8, windows 7, windows vista and windows xp. ya you can use it for MacBook after reformatting it. so no problem.

Sony Hd -SL-1 Speed is very good you have to install the software which boost the …

By Amazon Customer on 24 April 2016

Speed is very good you have to install the software which boost the speed from sony mention the link if you want the external hard disk this is the beast and there is no heating problem or like wb external haed disk there is a problem after some time it show fatal error but in sony there is not a single review that it hlshow fatal error sony is the best hard disk in market and they show the specification and speed is really meet what they mention in specification and also have 3 years warranty. Really have a best external hard disk

6 Reasons to Consider Before Buying Sony HD-SL1 Ultra-Slim Lightweight 1TB External HDD

Data Transfer Accelerator

Approx 2 times faster data-transfer -accelerator to the External Hard Drive! Windows-compatible software to accelerate reading or writing data to/ from the External Hard Drive. Support faster data transfer Approx. 2 times to the External Hard Drive.

High Speed

With just installing the software, high-speed is realized by optimizing and efficient way of transferring data to the External Hard Drive. The software doesn´t support Windows 10. Note; The transfer speed/time may vary, depends on numbers/size of the data, or PC performance.

Password Protection Manager

Secure your important data in/or away from home. Windows-compatible software to protect the data on the External Hard Drive with a password. When going out with your External Hard Drive, its data security is also protected with password as well as in the home.

Enhanced Protection

The data cannot be accessed by others even if you left the External Hard Drive somewhere by accident. You can unlock the External Hard Drive and read /write data with your own PC, and also with other PCs. You can divide the drive for locked and non-locked area.

Backup Manager

Easy, secure backup for your peace of mind. Windows-compatible software to backup data from a PC’s internal hard drive to the External Hard Drive. Data on an internal hard drive can be periodically (automatically) backed up to your External Hard Drive.

One touch back up

By recognizing/backing up only modified/added data for minimizing necessary capacity, the time will be reduced. (Incremental backup method). *Note:“Favorite“ of Microsoft Edge will not be backed up by this software.

Sony HD-SL1 Ultra-Slim Lightweight 1TB External HDD Reviews
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