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Gift for Mother's Day with cats - Teckmart Store
July 5, 2019

Gift for Mother’s Day with cats

From cat mom mugs to cat mama shirts, planters, and jewelry, there’s a little something for everyone here. Well, everyone who loves cats. 

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This super-cute cat mom sweatshirt comes in an array of colors to suit anyone’s style, including a hoodie version with ears. But I like the soft gray-blue color best (just putting that out there in case anyone’s shopping for yours truly).

It’s the perfect solution for keeping your hair out of the way while you wash your face or apply makeup. Plus, it’s great for taking a selfie with your cat!

Is your favorite cat mom a wine mom, too? This unique corkscrew and bottle opener has a safe-grip soft handle and double-hinged lever for effortless cork extraction. Plus, it comes in a lovely box for easy giftwrapping.

From the awesome and hilarious handmade Amazon shop, Pithitude, this hand-drawn and digitally edited 11-oz. mug will not fade or chip—and will make you, or any cat lover you know, laugh over their morning coffee.

Promising review: “We bought this for my husband’s mom in law. She’s a cat lover and talks about how their cats (kids) wake them up. This cup spoke to her personally. It was packed very well and the quality was great. I would recommend.”

This magnet assortment includes six cat breeds identified by their characteristic butts. They’re such a great cat mom gift, I’ve received a set twice!

On first glance, it looks like a sophisticated leather wallet. But if you look closer, this cute clutch has shiny cat ears on the buckle. It’s the perfect gift for cat moms on the go!

These cat mom socks aren’t just cute. They’re thick, wooly, and warm—perfect for wearing around the house while hanging out with cats. Socks are a classic Mother’s Day gift, so share the love with cat moms!

Nothing’s better than cuddling up with a cat. Except, maybe, cuddling up with a cat while wearing cozy cat-print pajamas. These cute cotton PJ’s come in a wide range of sizes. What a cozy cat mom gift!

Listen, there are a lot of cat mom mugs in the world. But for cat moms with attitude, this is a winner.

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